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Craig Allen , president of the U. Here is a look at what has happened in the past few years to exacerbate the tensions:. Trump and his subordinates have blamed China for spreading the coronavirus, which first emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year. They have repeatedly described the virus in racist and stigmatizing terms, calling it the Wuhan virus, China virus and Kung Flu. On July 4, Mr. On Tuesday, the Justice Department accused Chinese hackers of attempting to steal information about American research on a virus vaccine.

How the Cold War Between China and U.S. Is Intensifying

At your convenience, extend the mission an additional 4 days to explore more of Pennsylvania, Georgia and South Carolina. A custom agenda and travel itinerary will be created to fit your business goals and needs. EAEC staff is available to prepare you for the trip and ensure all your expectations are fulfilled. S market, this trade mission is an excellent opportunity for you.

Organising Business Matchmaking Events in China. The Centre can organise matchmaking events in China for companies in your region and connect them with.

Despite the news we read in the headlines every day, make no mistake: China is and remains a good place to do business for companies around the world. China is an important engine of global growth and will be for the foreseeable future as fully one-third of global GDP will be generated by China over the next ten years. Many foreign companies continue to thrive and report substantial profitability by catering to Chinese customers.

These profits are sent home to corporate headquarters and used to generate more jobs. Research and Development done in China helps companies remain competitive at home, in China, and in other world markets. China continues to open on many fronts, and in particular, the financial services sector, allowing percent foreign ownership. Businesses can find one especially encouraging example of this continued opening in Alibaba, the Chinese-owned e-commerce platform.

The company recently announced that foreign companies can engage in business-to-business transactions when previously, non-Chinese firms could only make purchases. Companies outside China should also look hard at provincial- and city-level investment opportunities, as officials are often eager to welcome foreign investment and provide matchmaking services for their local businesses. Some have sizable procurement budgets and welcome foreign-company participation, especially in sectors such as environmental technologies and services, alternative energy, and medical equipment.

Chinese private sector companies at the regional level are looking for foreign partners to help them remain competitive as the economy transforms from manufacturing and export to services and domestic consumption. Another potential growth area is the Belt and Road Initiative which promotes and finances large infrastructure projects in developing countries. Aside from e-commerce, opportunities for starting or expanding business in China are best unlocked with assistance from expertise on the ground, which is only growing in availability.

Businesses from other foreign countries should look to their embassies and consulates in the country for assistance, which often have a commercial section that can help.

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Policy Interpretation Category. Name of Event. China Automotive Industry Development Forum. Chinese-Foreign Enterprise Cooperation Forum. Forum on international coorperation in fighting against IPR infringement and counterfeiting.

In he was elected to the City Council. United States by participating in the U.S. – China Exchange Association’s U.S. Business Matchmaking Conference.

Welcome to the online regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce. First, I have two pieces of information to release. The first is about the development of the national online retail market in the first quarter of In January-March this year, the size of the national online retail market stayed basically unchanged over the same period of last year.

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the national online retail sales reached 2. The role of online retail in promoting consumption was further enhanced, with online retail sales of physical commodities accounting for Sales of auto products, furniture, clothing, shoes and hats dropped significantly in January-February, and the situation eased somewhat in March, with the decline rate narrowing by more than 10 percentage points. In terms of the regions, sales in the eastern and northeastern regions increased by 2.

Second, the market supply was relatively sufficient. The 11 major e-commerce platforms had stable sales of daily necessities, with sufficient stocks of rice, flour, edible oil, pork, milk, vegetables and eggs.

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The People’s Government of Henan Province will also adopt positive investment policies to provide domestic and overseas businesses with privileges and convenience. This event aims to attract more than companies from Henan and more than companies from over 20 countries and regions including Europe, America, Australia and Southeast Asia that have interests in cooperation with Henan clients and expansion of the overseas market to meet on site. During the one-day session, Chinese and foreign enterprises will be arranged with “one-to-one” talks with each other and will also be provided with access to the introduction of the investment climate, financial services and policies in Henan.

The trade fair is approved by China’s State Council and has been successfully organised for 10 sessions by Henan government. About The China.

On June 24, Dr. Jean-Marc F. Blanchard, Executive Director of the Mr. As part of the panel, Dr. Blanchard spoke about the overall innovation environment, some of the political, cultural, and other challenges Chinese companies face when they invest in the United States US and US companies face when they invest in China, the politico-social milieu around the current US-China trade war and associated longer term trends, and the gains to be had from cross-border investment and cooperation.

Among other things, Dr. Blanchard highlighted the securitization of technology and the anti-China mood in Washington as problematic developments, spoke about the need for Chinese and American companies to be attentive to political and social sensitivities and not to think the way they did things in their respective countries translated well abroad, and argued companies needed to embrace a multi-faceted market-entry and operational strategy involving advocacy, outreach, and government relations.

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Bank of China Business Matchmaking Event in Zhengzhou, Henan

A pre-expo matchmaking session for exhibitors and buyers involved in the service and automobile industries to participate in the second China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai today. This is the fourth in a series of matchmaking events held by the CIIE Bureau for businessmen to establish contacts and understand each other’s needs and demands to facilitate transactions during the expo. The sessions will cover the seven exhibition sectors of the expo, with previous ones focused on consumer goods, consumer electronics, manufacturing equipment, healthcare, food and agricultural products.

The 12th edition of Trade Winds Mission Indo-Pacific, the largest annual U.S. Pre-arranged business matchmaking meetings with prescreened buyers, agents,​.

The Centre can develop a full-range programme to support your trade development work and business delegations to China. This service is provided for EU public institutions such as government agencies, chambers of commerce, industry associations and clusters, universities and Enterprise Europe Network Partners. Organising Business Matchmaking Events in China. The Centre can organise matchmaking events in China for companies in your region and connect them with relevant Chinese counterparts for future cooperation.

Understanding China is a training programme developed for intermediary organisations in Europe such as government agencies, industry associations, chamber of commerce, trade promotion agencies or clusters. It is a unique opportunity for participants to refresh the professional network and establish new business and government connections from both China and Europe. Register on our website and you will receive an email notification when a new issue of the programme is set up.

Here are a number of common cooperation models that the Centre has developed to work with partners. View the Training Catalogue here. B2B Matchmaking – recruiting companies, matching profiles, introducing Chinese counterparts and offering follow-up services. Delegation Programme Development and Support – organising a briefing for delegates at the Centre in Beijing and offering one-to-one consultations. Click here to see our articles.

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The Doing Business in China is a commercial guide to help US companies make smart strategic market entry decisions. The Chinese economy is roughly half that of the United States with a comparable land mass. Following more than three decades of economic growth, fueling an industrial and urban boom, China claims cities with populations of 1 million or more, while the U.

In response to this growth, U. Small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs are the leading exporters to China, representing 92 percent of American businesses exporting to China 35 percent of value , with overall export product categories led by machinery, computers and electronics, chemicals, transportation equipment, and waste and scrap.

According to the monitoring of business big data, the national online retail market by the US-China Business Council (USCBC) showed that the tariffs and We will step up online matchmaking during this year’s Canton Fair.

It works in close collaboration with the Department for International Trade DIT , for whom it delivers China business development services. In addition, CBBC organises missions to the Chinese market; identifies business opportunities; and provides research as well as a range of other practical services for UK companies in the market. CBBC also provides an in-house research service that is specifically tailored to the needs of each company. CBBC has conducted such research projects in a wide range of sectors, including both product and service industries.

The organisation’s history dates back to the early s when British companies were among the first to trade with Communist China. That was the 48 Group of Companies established in April At the same time, the British government had a semi-official trade body known as the Sino-British Trade Council [6] which promoted British participation in trade fairs and exhibitions in China.

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DIT has created a unique opportunity to bring together businesses, trade associations and regional partners for collaboration and promotion. A series of online activities will be held to share information and enhance understanding of the China market. Direct and facilitated virtual business matchmaking activities aim to drive focused pre-CIIE trade discussions.

Direct and facilitated virtual business matchmaking activities aim to drive Email the China-Britain Business Council at [email protected] to China was the UK’s third-largest export market after the EU and USA.

Amidst slowing Chinese growth, growing concern about national security implications of technology supply chains, and U. Still, China accounted for more than a quarter of global GDP growth in , and, despite a falling growth rate, is on track to account for more than a quarter of global GDP growth in — more than the EU, Japan, India, Brazil, and Mexico combined. Chinese consumers, especially in smaller Chinese cities, have a growing demand for high quality U.

Maintaining politically acceptable economic growth without further exacerbating the buildup in debt will be a major challenge for the Chinese leadership. That downward trend continues as of the writing of this report — U. Indeed, foreign companies report growing concerns about the business climate in China. China continues to rely upon industrial policy tools — including subsidies, market access restrictions, pressures to transfer technology, and other support for domestic competitors — to drive the economy.

These policy tools undermine the ability of foreign firms to operate on a level playing field in the Chinese market. The United States continues to vigorously advocate for a more balanced, reciprocal, and fair bilateral economic relationship. Despite these serious challenges, market potential does exist for foreign companies, particularly those operating in industries such as energy efficiency, clean technology, and healthcare, where critical Chinese needs provide opportunities for mutual benefit.

China is a challenging place to do business. In its American Business in China White Paper, the American Chamber of Commerce in China AmCham noted that the business outlook of their companies shifted from one of cautious optimism to cautious pessimism.

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